Do You Know?

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized


This week I have been putting together a statement of faith for the local house church that my wife and I have been attending.  It is amazing, but according to the Barna report, there are more people in these kind of fellowships today than there are people going to traditional American churches.  I think that is probably a good thing.

Remember in James 5 where James admonishes the people who “have lived on the land in luxury and self indulgence”?  I think most of us can agree that that is what the American church has become.  The Church on the other hand is God’s people gathering…”wherever there are 2 or more gathered in my name”.  We always hear that the church is not a spectator sport, that we should get off the bench and in the game.  The problem is, that comment is usually made to a bunch of spectators by a person who WANTS to spectated at, and (most appropriately of all) to a bunch of folk sitting on benches.  Perfect!

The problem with home fellowships however, is the danger of nor knowing what yu believe.  But unlike the traditional church, where you can believe whatever you please and never have an argument because you don’t really know anybody anyway, in the home fellowships stuff has to be worked out together.  There is a strong group mentality or ethic…not like a family but AS a family.  We believe that people are not so much saved to be in a PERSONAL relationship with Jesus (thought that undoubtedly is the beginning of the whole deal) but rather to be a part of a family. 

So, I’m writing down the core and common beliefs we hold, and as a family we will argue about it, and as a family (after everybody has had their say) we will decide what is true and what that means for the family.  But man, if you have never tried to boil down what you believe into a few paragraphs, and you know that the rest of the people are each individually going to have some issue along the way, then you should try it sometime.  It really focuses and crystallizes what is a “die on this hill” belief, and what are “dyed in the wool” beliefs.  What’s really important, and what is of secondary importance?  I’m finding out as I find out what I really believe and why I believe it.

Do you know?


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