Lately I have been thinking a lot about legacy…as in what kind I’m leaving. I have done a lot in my life. I mean, I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve also screwed things up a lot too. That’s what i have been thinking on. Which ones count more? The victories? The failures? I think I’ve been a good dad. I have been a mediocre husband. I have been a prolific writer. I have been an adventurous producer, and an entrepreneurial media content creator. I have ebbed and flowed in my devotion to the Kingdom in my work and in these last few years have redoubled my efforts to make the excellence of my work be my protest against all that is going wrong in this jacked up world. I know I’m just spewing on the page…here’s the thing. I lost one of my closest friends and colleagues this week…he took his own life. And I can’t figure why. See, this has been one of the godliest, most prolific, profoundly influential people in my life. If anyone had asked me who was the most “together” cat I know, it would’ve been my friend. He left an enormous legacy…all for Jesus. Does his death, even a death by his own hand, negate his work? I vacillate….but I don’t think it does. He helped literally hundreds of thousands of men love their wives better, become more committed to family, more devoted to their children. I look at the measly offering I have in terms of what I’m leaving behind, and I am unimpressed. And dude took his life! I suppose he was really unhappy. Do you know he called me just before…I didn’t call him back. I was busy. I can’t go on living like this. I need for each moment to count. A few years back, I did some really rotten things and God used it to drive me all the way home and into a lifestyle of radical repentance. However, that wasn’t before some people in my world made what I had done sound even worse. You can build a good reputation for years and years and it can all be ruined in just a few short moments. And believe me, what you mess up, others will be almost gleefully, willingly, make more out of than what actually happens… lynch folk with a Scripture on their lips and holy fire in their eyes. I guess our lives are so boring that we aren’t satisfied unless we get to totally torch somebody’s life once in a while. I’m okay with that. That old man needed to be torched…he was a straw man. The new man doesn’t stand quite so tall, and is not half so shiny…and I want to make sure he is now leaving a REAL legacy and not a straw one. I’m just not exactly sure how you know… but I am determined to know Christ and the power of his suffering and to participate in his crucifixion with him and so somehow attain this eternal life that Jesus has promised us. But my friend believed that too.  I just don’t know.  It knocks the wind out of my sails and gets me rethinking everything all over again…doubting again…what God is doing in my life.  But then my baby girl Jasmine comes to me and says, “Daddy, I have something for you”.  And that something is her new EP she has recorded.  The vocals are killer, the production values very high, and the lyrics are not only well thought out and well said, but they are TRUE.  They are life giving.    And I see the legacy.  I see the Holy Spirit retelling the message…from me, to her, to you. He’s reminding me. He loves me. It’s in these moments that I see the Kingdom come, the legacy living. Like the titlr of her record says, “The Beginning is Near”      Thanks Jazzy.

John Hancock Band

John Hancock Band

  1. Jessica Atteberry Quinn says:

    Good words, David. Good landing place. I couldn’t figure out how to reach you. Wanted to be sure you found out in a loving way. Such a loss…

    • davidmullenmusic says:

      Thanks, I appreciate that. If you friend me through FB I’ll send you my contact info. Or through Linked In. I hope you are well

  2. Wow, David. I mourn with you right now. I also rejoice with you too. You are one of those guys I look up to and am motivated in my Christian walk by how you live. Press on the way you are brother!

  3. Jamie Chavez says:

    David — this is very moving. Good thoughts. xox

  4. Love you man. Deep, insightful and a cause to pause. Without pain, we keep on doin. A lot of crazy stuff until,God slows us down and gets our attention. I believe there is only one path – through Him who died for us. Our children give us a glimpse of our legacies, some good, some bad. Only God sees everything and everybody that we impact. For good and bad. But He sees it, sometimes He smiles and sometime He probably cries. I appreciate your impact in my life, in the kids at KAA, in your artistry and your friendship to many others. It’s not the big stuff, it’s the little things that will
    always be remembered, which will define your legacy, even if you never know about it. Peace.

    • davidmullenmusic says:

      Thanks man. I guess that’s what I’m saying. I don’t see myself as being all that influential…and then BAM! There is something that is…so me…being reflected right back at me so that I don’t miss it so easily. Makes you want to be even more faithful in the little things, because of what you said. You don’t see it all and you don’t know who you’re impacting, but you are impacting people…whether you believe or not; for good or for ill. ‘ppreciate you 🙂

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