Doing More……An Excerpt from “Conversations with Max”

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Conversations with Max, Devotionals

One of the big challenges we have as fathers is asking our sons to do things that we don’t do well ourselves. Witness the law of inertia. That states that a body at rest will tend to stay at rest unless or until it is acted upon by an outside force. That is men in a nutshell. We tend not to move outside of our comfort zone, or even to get into action, until something is screaming for our attention. The thing is that there is a whole world out there that is constantly screaming for our attentions and we have largely become immune to hearing it. My belief is that most of the things we are being asked to do lie outside of our comfort zone. I mean really, who wants to work with the homeless, the people of the third world, on racial reconciliation? The answer is, those who are already there. I have been all over the world and in every kind of hopeless situation you can think of, and I would challenge any of you reading this to witness those same things and remain passive. Now, I would like to say it is because I am so altruistic that I have witnessed these things…but that would be untrue. I have seen most of things I have because my work took me into these environments. But once confronted with the needs of fatherless children, abused women, addicted people, I couldn’t just sit back and not be moved. Further, as I have traveled with my wife who does concerts around the world, I have been given unique access into countries and peoples and their needs that few will ever be privileged to witness. And the message I have heard from them and bring to you is this, “We are here. We exist, and we need you!” They need you to turn off the sports and the media that have anesthetized you for so long and go do something. Here’s the thing…we can tell our sons to be men of action, but they will mostly do what they see. I’m sure you have heard Ralph Waldo Emerson’s adage, “Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying.” Well, that is how our sons see us. They will hear what we do, more than what we say. So step out of your comfort zone. Tell your sons that their fsith is made complete by what hey do. Tell them if they sit on the sidelines their whole life they will never get in the game. Tell them that the religion that God sees as pure is that which takes care of widows and orphans and the distressed. And tell them that a life spent serving others, a life more-giving , is a life that can never be wasted.


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