Practical Theology

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Book Review, Devotionals

The Attributes of God: A Journey Into the Father's Heart (The Attributes of God, Volume 1)The Attributes of God: A Journey Into the Father’s Heart by A.W. Tozer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I actually forgot how good this book is. If you are a fan of plain spoken folk, but you can’t abide the smugness of modern theologians, then you will probably love this book. Tozer walks the reader through the attributes (God’s goodness, kindness, justice, omnipotence etc. ) and casually almost whimsically illustrates how each fits within the other without violating any of their first principles, or cancelling out the other. More importantly, Tozer demonstrates how we seamlessly fold these into our everyday living…thus making it our own. It’s just very practical theology. When I was a new Christian, some idiot gave me for my 1st bible study…wait for it…Burkoeff’s Guide to Systematic theology. While that is a tremendous book, it is not one a new Christian can fully grasp. I don’t say understand, I was study radiation physics at the time in college so understanding it wasn’t the problem. Internalizing the truth revealed therein was the problem. Making it part of my everyday life was the problem. Being surrounded by numbskulls who thought big books were more important than big living…that is living the truths they like to only think about. I wish I had read this book instead.

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