Excerpt from “Conversations with Max” (An Initiation from Boyhood to Manhood)

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According to another set of brothers, Stephen and Alex Kendrick, we as dads have approximately a million things we need to teach or sons…but they all basically fall under 12 headings. It’s that age between 12 and 20 that we want to concentrate on, because (again) this is when manhood has traditionally started and the age of total accountability was reckoned in biblical history. So you have 8 years to teach your son 12 things…piece of cake.

To be a man of responsibility
To be a leader capable of leading a family
To find and love a wife
To have and bless children
To live with honor
To fight for justice
To demonstrate the love of Christ
To provide for his family
To reconcile and clean up the mistakes of the past
To live with integrity
To be faithful to his calling and his family
To leave his own legacy

(“The Resolution”, Stephen and Alex Kendrick, B&H Publishing)

There…that wasn’t too hard, simple right? I used the Kendrick brother’s list, because it was more complete than the outline I had originally created in my head. It also scares the crap out of me. Not only because I have not covered all these bases yet, but also because I am fully aware that most men will never even attempt to teach this to their sons. What are we unleashing on the world. Aren’t we, as Christian men, supposed to be different than the men of the world? Let me encourage you the way I encouraged myself when I felt most intimidated by undertaking the task of paying forward these tremendous teachings. Can you imagine if someone had poured into your life this way, how different your life would have been? How many fewer mistakes, devastatingly painful mistakes, would you have made if your dad or mentor had given you these invaluable tools? Or maybe your dad did pour this into your life. Can you imagine how different your life might have been had he withheld it from you? To some it may seem too pragmatic to have a mental checklist and go through it with your pen ticking-off issues you have, or have not addressed. I say that in this time and space of God’s story, that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.


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  1. Papa (joe) says:

    Right on bra
    By the way ehf is gathering
    Back at McClearys pub wens 8-9
    It has the old familiar spirit (Denny Denson)
    Peace bro

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