A Word On Migraines

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Devotionals, Uncategorized

Lately, I have dealt with the reoccurring nuisance of migraine headaches. For some reason they seem to be much worse this year. I mean…I’ve always had them, they are in fact a family genetic trait. Just ask my niece Maggie, she has had one every day for the last 5-6 years! If you’ve never experienced one of these things, I have to say that you NEED to be on your knees thanking God every day that you don’t. It’s not you granny’s headache…we are talking pain so bad that at times you can’t see, that frequently causes you to throw up, and makes going out in sunlight an almost unimaginable chore. But here’s the thing…every time the thing goes away it’s like an epiphany. What I mean tnat pain going away is almost like Jesus just came back and there is nothing that will ever be wrong again! See? It’s hard to explain to anyone who dosn’t experience this type of pain. People just assume you’re being melodramatic. I know my wife thinks I over emphasize thepain…which is strange because I always feel like I’m playing it down. It’s probably because I also feel like severe pain (I also struggle with pretty intense athritis pain) gives me license to treat people poorly. My temper is shorter, my attitude frequently sucks, and I always feel entitled to act that way. If I am suffering and I am in pain, why shouldn’t I act however I want and lash out to include othersmin my suffering? That was rhetorical. But in case you haven’t answered it in your head already: It’s because one day the pain will go away. One day the suffering will end. One day it won’t matter how intense or how un-intense others thought your trial was, it will end. And how I’ve acted in response to that pain and suffering is all that will remain in the memory of my environment, myfamily, my community. See…it’s positively eschatological! For the last two days I’ve had a migrain and I have handled it so-so. You’d have to ask those who were around me how I handled it; I KNOW it was a doozy. But about an hour ago Jesus came back…I just thought you’d like to know.


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