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Funkabilly Facts

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Songwriting

Grammy Awards/ Nominations
• Best Contemporary Christian Album – 1991, Faded Blues
• Best Song Written for a Motion Picture or for Television- 2000, Larry-Boy: The Soundtrack
• Best Contemporary Gospel Album Nicole C Mullen Talk About It

10-Time Dove Award Winner
• Best New Artist – 1990
• Best Rock Album – (Producer/Writer) 1992, Faded Blues
• Children’s Music Album of the Year (Producer/Writer)-1995, Yo Kidz! 2: The Armor of God
• GMA Song of the Year-(Writer) 1997 “On My Knees”
• Children’s Music Album of the Year (Producer/Writer)-1999, Veggie Tunes 2
• Children’s Music Album of the Year- 2000 (Producer/Writer) Larry-Boy: The Soundtrack
• Song of the Year (Producer)- 2001, “Redeemer”; Nicole C. Mullen; Seat of the Pants Music
• Children’s Music Album of the Year- (Producer/ Writer) 2003, Jonah, A Veggie Tales Movie Original Soundtrack
• Urban Album of the Year (Producer/Writer)- 2005, Everyday People – Nicole C. Mullen
• Instrumental Album of the Year (Producer/Writer) 2007 End of the Spear Original Soundtrack
• Nominated in 2010 for Best Spanish Language Album

#1 Singles
• “Happy”- Introducing Ayiesha Woods 2007
• “I AM”- Nicole C. Mullen, Everyday People, 2004
• “Music of My Heart”- Nicole C. Mullen, Everyday People, 2004
• “Miracles”- Nicole C. Mullen, Following His Hand: A 10-year Journey, 2003
• “Show Me”- Nicole C. Mullen, Following His Hand: A 10-year Journey, 2003
• ”Come Unto Me”- Nicole C. Mullen, Talk About It, 2001 (GOLD)
• ”Call On Jesus”- Nicole C. Mullen, Talk About It, 2001 (GOLD)
• ”Redeemer”- Nicole C. Mullen, Nicole C. Mullen, 2001 (GOLD)
• ”Larry-Boy Theme Song”- Veggie Tales, Larry-Boy: The Soundtrack, 2000 (Multi-PLATINUM)
• “Shaken”- Rachael Lampa, Live For You, 2000
• ”De Creer En Ti”- Jaci Velasquez, Llegar A Ti, 1999 (GOLD)
• “Hands Tied”- Becca Jackson. It’ll Sneak Up On You, 1997
• ”Tuesday’s Child”- Steven Curtis Chapman, Tuesday’s Child: The Best of Steven Curtis Chapman, 1996 (GOLD)
• ”Through All The Years” – My Utmost For His Highest: The Covenant, 1996 (PLATINUM)
• “We Can Make A Difference”- Jaci Velasquez, Heavenly Place, 1996
• ”On My Knees”- Jaci Velasquez, Heavenly Place, 1996 (PLATINUM)
• “Take Me Back”- Anointed, Under The Influence, 1996
• “It’s A Matter of Love”- Anointed, The Call, 1995
• ”Meant For This Moment”- Carman & Helen Baylor, Yo Kidz! 2: The Armor of God, 1994 (GOLD)
• ”Somewhere Within The Heart”- Carman & Cindy Morgan, Yo Kidz!, 1994 (GOLD)
• “Hero”- David Mullen, David Mullen, 1994
• “The Blood”- David Mullen, Revival, 1990
• “Live So God Can Use You”- David Mullen, Revival, 1990
• “Somebody Say Amen”- David Mullen, Revival, 1990
• “Heavens To Betsy”- David Mullen, Revival, 1990
• “Sho Love You” – David Mullen, Revival, 1990 “Revival” – David Mullen, Revival, 1990

• 18 Gold or Platinum Awards
• Jaci Valasquez A Heavenly Place
• LarryBoy the Soundtrack
• WOW the 90’s Thirty Greatest Hits
• I’ll Lead You Home Michael W Smith
• WOW 2007
• Nicole C Mullen
• Talk About It- Nicole C Mullen
• Change Your World Michael W. Smith
• LarryBoy and the Fib From Outerspace
• WOW 1996
• WOW 1997
• WOW 1998
• WOW 1999
• WOW 2000
• WOW 2001
• WOW 2002
• WOW 2005
• Songs For Life

Latest: Recording Nicole C Mullen’s first ever full out worship record with Ed Cash set for release 1st quarter 2011. Also starting a Funkabilly partnership with The TCN Network “Funkabilly Records”!



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So it looks like I’m supposed to have a new job. What’s that like? I haven’t worked for anybody in 25 years…just for myself. That’s worked out pretty good right? I have a slew of credentials to prove it don’t I? Well that was sort of the problem, the thing…the blessing…whatever. See this new company, a music television network, noticed those credentials and thought it might be a good idea to harness that to their new ideas. Well I’m excited? Scared? Hopeful? A little of all those. What I’ve really noticed though is that when you are creating a new company, from scratch, I’m not sure how you would do it without the Lord on your side. I find myself breaking into spontaneous prayer, and consulting God at odd times in the day. It has truly made me lean more completely on him. In fact, as I have been going through a separate set of issues that He has been taking me through, I’ve noticed just how little I had been relying on Him before. I know I have gifts. It’s so easy to just give lip service to the Lord, and then just control the situation yourself. In my line of work, it all so much depends on my talent and my opinions. A while back, I told a pastor friend of mine, “You can either operate in the power of the gift or you can operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.” I don’t have to trust God…but I so want to. I know that I can do it on my own…but if I do that and “succeed”… I will have failed. If this new gig teaches me nothing other than that, then it’s the right job for me.

Matt 15:8 These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.