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My daughter Jasmine is the only girl in our family…well there is Nicole of course, but she’s a woman. Come to think of it, Jasmine is basically a woman now too. Nowhere is that more evident than when she takes the stage. I can’t believe this child sprung from my loins. She must have gotten all her talent from her mother because I can’t for the life of me figure out how she got so good… so fast! Granted my dad is also an actor. He’s been at it for something like 40 years. But jasmine has that easy grace that makes you almost wish you could act… she makes it look easy, and fun. Pop, my dad, always said that the “really great ones” are all like that. They make the work they are doing seem so effortless that any old Joe Schmoe thinks he can get up and do the same job just as well. But having known my dad, and seen good and terribly bad actors, I know that it takes a lot of hard work and then a lot of just…well… giftedness. None of us can gift ourselves, so it’s silly to take credit for the special understanding we have about a subject or endeavor that others do not. And I guess that is the crux of why I’m so proud of Jasmine… she’s become a picture of the gospel just by being faithful to the gift she’s been given. In the same way we cannot save ourselves… but we can do our best, to do our best in accordance with that great gift. So, Good job Jasmine! Works are a trap. Work is a gift. You have shown us all how to use work… as worship. Thanks baby girl.


It’s pretty amazing when people like what you do. I always have this feeling that folk will wake one day and realize what a fake I am. I have been so blessed through the years by those of you who have followed my artist career as a singer, then the songs I wrote for others, and finally the records I have produced and the blogs & books I’m writing. The latest in a long line of creative endeavors has been the Pirate Monk Podcast When Nate Larkin decided to do the show, we never dreamed so many people would gravitate so quickly to the podcast. Well, they have. And if you are one of the 75 people who have joined daily since November, I want to say thanks and thanks again for Tweeting about us and posting updates on us on MySpace & Facebook. Our goal is to reach 10,000 subscribers by June (we are currently right at 7950) because things sort of take on a life of their own at that point. So please tell your friends to join us, and if you haven’t already come by to listen here’s what you missed last week and this week.

3-29-10 David and Nate visit with Darrell MacLearn of End Demand for Human Trafficking.

4-5-10 David and Nate visit with blogger, author, and speaker Crystal Renaud from on the issue of women escaping the bondage of porn addiction

Some pretty heady stuff, but much needed. So come on by and thanks again to those of you who have!