David & Nicole Could Use Your Help

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Notices, Songwriting

I am working with our assistant Ally Wilson to put together The David & Nicole C Mullen Songwriter Workshops. Some of you have expressed interest in Nicole and me coming to your city. Ally could use your help in locating the best host church in your area, as well as putting together a team of people to help market this event. Would you consider giving us a helping hand?  Perhaps you or someone you know, or even a church in your area,  would like to be more involved.  Please reach out to Ally at:

alisa.wilson@mac.com or by number it’s 615.491.6644.

Thanks!  David & Nicole Mullen

  1. Michelle Holton says:

    I am working on contacts for the Brandon, FL area. I will let you know as soon as I have them.

  2. Yleana Newton says:

    What size of church are you looking for? We have several options here in North Dallas to contact, but need to know the average attendence you are expecting. Can you email me any other info we might need for the contacts? Hope we can help out!

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